There are many suppliers.  These are the ones I use the most. The notes about what they have are incomplete, of course. Contact the businesses for full information.

  • Thompson Enamel Tel: 859-291-3800 [Main supplier of lead free enamel, pre-cut copper shapes, and other supplies. Kiln furniture (trivets, firing racks, forks, etc.)]
  • T.B. Hagstoz & Son, Inc. Tel: 800-922-1006; 215-922-1627 [Cloisonné wire (in all gauges) sheet sterling and fine silver, gold cloisonné wire.]
  • Allcraft (Tevel Herbstman) PO Box 10-0919, Brooklyn, NY 11210-7124, Tel: 800-645-7124 [Tools, enamels, etc.]
  • Enamelwork Supply Co. (Coral Shaffer) Tel: 800-596-3257, 206-525-9271, [Japanese lead-bearing enamels and enameling supplies.]
  • Mandels (Lucile and Myron Healy) PO Box 172, Startup, WA 98293, Tel: 360-793-2807, [Thompson Enamels and other supplies.]
  • Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies, LLC
  • Alaskan Copper and Brass Kent, WA [Sheet copper (large sheets, various gauges or thicknesses).]
  • Vcella Kilns [Pricier than some, but beautifully built. My personal favorite.]